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Another area would be the apparel market and specifically sportswear such as the creation of North Face Osito Fleece Jackets, the number of people with specialized skills that are involved in the creation of a North Face Osito fleece jacket is astounding. According to the Northface web site the creation of most of their products starts with the suggestions, recommendations and new equipment ideas by world-class athletes which provides the inspiration and challenges that drive the research and development of advanced materials, innovative design and construction. The Northface company then partners with the world’s most innovative leading materials engineers who create the technically advanced fabrics which are needed to develop their sportswear clothing and equipment. The Northface has need of highly skilled apparel designers, production specialists, and marketing specialists. From start to finish, the Northface company employs highly skilled workers to bring to the marketplace their North Face Osito Fleece Jackets and other sports wear and gear.

Read our goals we have for our clients below.

The initiative aims at:

• To help provide technology access to train, and where applicable certify, millions of people across Europe with information communication technology and other skill-sets required by current or potential employers over the coming 5 years. The initiative aims to focus particularly on young unemployed and older workers that have lower employability chances or are at risk of loosing their jobs because they do not have the right skills. In many respects, there is nothing more important than addressing these issues of societal need.
• To build upon already existing education, training and community programmes, to further extend them and develop synergies across all key stakeholders to deliver higher employ ability opportunities and more positive impact to the end beneficiaries and help make Europe more competitive. Thus creating more revenue and more jobs.
• To jointly raise awareness on the importance of delivering 21st Century Skills for Employability in Europe and to help European Citizens realise their potential. To this end, Alliance members will co-brand the initiative, share visibility as appropriate and leverage this single message for maximum impact.

To enable synergy partnerships and enhanced cooperation between Alliance members, pilot pools or clusters per focus country will be established among partners (with one or two members as Country Rapporteur). Building clusters is important to allow more opportunities. These “Country Clusters” will operate in an open mode and in associative partnership with local technology platforms or other multi-stakeholders whether they be small or large able to take part in the Alliance efforts if they have the know-how and are willing to pool this knowledge. The more knowledge we can bring together individually will make the pool more knowledgeable, and there for more desirable.
The initiative will start rolling out concrete actions with a focus on the following four countries:

• Belgium
• Germany
• Poland
• Portugal
• UK