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The European Alliance on Skills for Employability.

Employability refers to a person’s capability for gaining and maintaining employment. This includes, but is not limited to all skill-sets, as well as the way the individual presents those assets to employers. It is important to build a skill or skills so an individual can be valued as a specialized worker. In other words valued as a skilled laborer rather than just a worker.

Would you consider someone who procures janitorial supplies for a large company a skilled worker, if they had the title Procurement Officer or Chief Procurement Officer? More likely the person who orders the janitorial supplies for a very large company would work under the supervision of the Procurement Officer. Although in a small company they would be the Procurement Officer. The Chief Procurement Officer works on behalf of an organization / company negotiating the cost of goods and services from vendors. If they were ordering supplies, finding reliable venders that offer competitive prices is important. With the internet, the search for a janitorial supply vender is much easier. Comparison of prices, variety of products and actual reviews of the supplier are easy to find online. For instance, CleanItSupply sells at very competitive prices to both individuals and on a wholesale basis paper products, also air freshener and odor control, bags and trash bags, green cleaning products, mops, brooms, brushes and dusters, cleaning supplies, facility maintenance, floor and carpet care, professional cleaning products, skin care and hand soaps, toilet paper, and trash cans, etc. They carry absolutely everything one would need for janitorial supplies. In addition CleanItSupply also sells restaurant supplies, office supplies, snack & break room, industrial & safety, technology products, ink & toner, and even office furniture. They even ship internationally. This is one janitorial supplies vender that would be worth considering.

SO, returning to the question is: someone who procures janitorial supplies for a large company a skilled worker? Depending upon the complexity and responsibilities of the job, the answer would be yes. Chief procurement officers who handle pricing negotiations, service contracts and authorization of new vendors along with the supervision of one or more related departments would definitely be considered a skilled worker.

Citizens with good jobs have access to much more than a paycheck and reliable collateral. Employment stability is more than the ability to receive a cash advance, although that is a benefit we should not overlook. While payday loans are often exploitative and seen exist in the margins of society, access to funds based on employment is often the only access to fast cash available to working people who have no assets. This is just one example of where skilled employment is the key to stability on many fronts, and opens doors significantly beyond the cash received for labor performed. Just to give you an idea, this can mean working for any market in production, any technician job such as industrial designers, engineer, industrial designer, car mechanics, IT workers, surface/ textile designers, health promoters and much more.

If you look in any market place- an example would be designing pet doors. Just recently I was looking at pet doors that would allow ones pet, dogs or cats to have access to the outdoors without the pet owner having to open a door to let the animal outside. At the online e commerce site I found there were numerous types of dog doors ranging from sliding glass doggie doors, wall doors, doors for door or windows with screens, weather proof doors, to electronic doors that are collar activated using magnetic, RFID, or electro-magnetic technologies. There were such a variety of cat and dog doors, and each design was engineered by someone and then eventually manufactured. Just the electro-magnetic technologies skill sets required to design and then manufacture some of these electronic dog doors would have to be rather advanced and quite specific.