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The eSCC pursues agreements on the endorsement of industry and other non-formal certifications within the framework of multiple stake holder partnerships bringing together industry, governments and training institutions, in order to ensure and secure the long-term success of the solutions proposed. eSCC activities include:
•    Collection and dissemination of international references and model examples of e-skills certification public recognition and/or endorsement
•    Review and benchmarking of governmental national strategies in the area of recognition (tasks, envisaged changes, etc.) including the role of other agencies, ministries and other stakeholder organizations at a national level
•    Address disparities that exist among regulatory bodies. This concept covers many unrelated areas. For example, eSCC would like to avoid the type of bad publicity engendered by the hoopla raised concerning the legal status and the recent exodus of certain currencies from debt laden countries.
•    Dialogue with relevant policymakers within EU Institutions and at EU Member State level, e.g. regarding the roles and functions of public authorities relating to formal recognition and/or endorsement of private sector e-skills certifications
•    Proposing changes to the legal, institutional and organizational framework necessary for the coordinated recognition and/or endorsement of industry and other non-formal e-skills certification at a national level, including requirements for supervision and control. This may include contacting various types of lawyers for shipping regulations, or business informants as well as, for instance, company truck accident lawyers to protect a business’ interests in case of a trucking disaster. Lawsuits from plaintiffs injured in serious truck accidents can take resources that could be utilized more effectively elsewhere.
• Being aware and conscious of decisions involving the design, branding and over all look of your business. This includes logos, pamphlets, web design, promo materials, and any products. It is far better to spend the time hiring the appropriate specialists in e-businesses who can create the overarching look of your business, along with web designers, and seo experts who will ensure your e-business site is compliant with the major search engines regulations than not.

Awareness is one of the important keys for success. Relations between partners as well as investors are important to maintain and require a constant supervision and oversight by your PR division as well as the top executives. Delegation to knowledgeable and responsible managers will help ensure the long-term success of the solutions proposed by the eSCC. Multinational e-business is rapidly changing as technologies we couldn’t even imagine ten years ago now seem common place. Staying on the cutting edge of this new technology is extremely important, if you want to stay ahead of the competition, both nationally and internationally.

ESCC remains committed to disseminating current trends and informing, as well as suggesting, the best options for your e- business.