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There are many simulation software packages out there in the marketplace that tests and improves e-skills (such as EASy Simulation or SIMple). Up to now, most focused on error correction by using a database that stored the most common errors in order to recognize them as they occurred. e.SKILLS uses and entirely different approach, whereby the system ‘learns’ about the user and applies this knowledge to assist in skill building. The longer the user is engaged, the more detailed and useful the data becomes. e.SKILLS was the result of a collaboration between Edwin Hayes (software engineer who was a founder Wembly International) and Justin Wright (one of the Louisiana maritime lawyers known for his work in using data in his casework). Justin Wright noticed that the most important skill sets in his office could be improved by using data entry and typing training modules combined with much more robust error analysis in real time. Many of the injury cases he worked on also had a data component in the form of work logs, timesheets, and shift change schedules, where the data was viewed with an eye toward the identification of anomalies that might correspond to safety lapses. Almost all his cases pointed to failures of some kind that could have been predicted by looking at the data.

Hayes had been working on automation enabled, productivity enhancement software that could shortcut certain data entry routines. Wright first was introduced to him during consults to build his website. But almost immediately upon seeing the productivity software Hayes’ was developing the two began a collaboration that resulted in the core logic that is the basis of e.SKILLS.

e.SKILLS’ automated testing and scoring software makes it easy to administer and score the simulation. e.SKILLS provides participants with all of the information they need to complete the simulation, including instructions, practice opportunities, and skills assessments. The graphic design which accompanies this process is rather impressive. The full assessment can be completed in about 30 minutes. The data entry and typing sections are automatically computer scored. The e-mail composition section is scored using an onscreen checklist to quickly and objectively evaluate written responses. e.SKILLS provides immediate access to comprehensive, easy-to-interpret results. These results provide a prediction of each participant’s potential for success as well as specific performance feedback and personalized tips for improvement.

Target Organizations

* Any organization requiring electronic and written communication skills

Target Jobs

* E-Representative
* Call Center Agents
* Data Entry Specialists
* Administrative Assistants
* Data Processors

There are several systems out on the market which can improve the users ability in all of these key areas. Anybody wishing to score well in these categories can simply do some training on the subject.