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It is absolutely necessary that we as a people continue to improve upon what has been built for us by mankind before us. We have, century after century, built our knowledge upon what was passed down to us. Every generation being able to add a little more until in recent times we have seen the exponential growth we do today. With the advent of the internet it is very easy to see what is going on everywhere. For instance, my friend who is infamously known as a major player in a real estate scandal involving employing aggressive sales tactics and by using a labyrinth of companies with each playing apparently independent roles, including financial adviser, property vendor and even financier to scam investors out of over millions of dollars a year. The information spread out on the internet. The positive forward result was a public awareness of such schemes and the subsequent legislation to curb such abuses.

On another note, we are on the verge of some major leaps forward, if we can make it through the possibility of mankind destroying itself before that can happen. If you are not moving forward you are moving backward, that is the old adage.

Consider for a moment if we as a people, altogether stopped trying to improve what we know or who we are. The world would change entirely. There would be a step backward in the evolution of man. Followed by another & another. They would come quicker & quicker until what was left was only a shell of our former selves. In order to ensure this does not happen we continuously educate our children. We find faster & more effective ways of educating them so they are full of knowledge which they can use to build upon during their life.

We create colleges & universities for continuing education. Training people into even more defined roles in the community. We also have schools that teach an individual trait as well. We have so many people who fit in all different casts. They all fill their own individual role & hopefully they will try their best to move society in the right direction the best they can.

There are those of us who choose to travel another path. Those of us that can not seem to see past our petty differences, either religious or political, to the bigger picture. They are not helping us to usher in a new era of peace & harmony which will result in a new age of human development. Instead these people are fighting amongst themselves creating tension & drama which under the worst of circumstances could easily end our race.

We could be wiped from the face of the earth in the blink of an eye if we are not extremely careful. We have created the technology already which if placed in the wrong hands could be the instrument of our demise. There are way too many weapons of mass destruction & there are not even any plans to begin destroying them totally. If we are to survive we have to begin monitoring & disassembling all of these devices. Then we need to find a way to destroy or safely use the fuel for those devices. Until we can do this we are still in danger.